Why You Need A Phone Case Now

Smart phones are revolutionary tools that have become a necessity of almost all ages! Yet, these phones do not come cheap! We just can’t imagine how people can go throughout the rigors of their daily activities without protecting their $800 iphone or Samsung Galaxy! Putting a case on your smartphones is probably the best way of protecting your phone. It can also be considered as an investment of protecting your phone.

A $15 phone case is a very small investment that can be more than enough to protect your $800 phone. Anyway, here are 3 reasons why you need a phone case now!


Optimize your resale value of the phone!

Many of will tire out with our phones. There are also others that will want to get the latest smartphone technology that religiously debut almost the same time every year. To save some cash, some will just sell their old phones and use the cash to buy a newer phone. The problem is, sometimes, when your phone is badly damaged, the resale value is poor.

Scratches, cracks, missing pieces, a broken headphone jack, poor connecting usb port, significantly decrease the value of your phone. The bummer of it all is that, if a person had a good phone case to protect their phone, all of the problems you see above would have been prevented!

Who would want to buy this for $300?

Who would want to buy this for $300?

Prevents Slips and Drops

I think we’ve all dropped our phones because our phones unintentionally slipped right out of our hands! Its nice to have something sleek and smooth in our hands. Having a thin, yet nice looking phone does have its cons…. like sliding out of our hands while texting in the toilet!!! Having a phone case with anti-slip material such as plain old rubber prevents that from happening. A phone case will also add bulk so it would be easier for us to hold onto.


Prevent mix ups

Have you ever had someone like your brother or sisterĀ steal take your phone by accident? Parents almost always buy the same phones for their kids; same model, same color. The chances of accidentally taking someone else’s phone increases especially when there are hundreds of thousands of people using the same kind of iphone 6’s. Having a phone case gives your phone and yourself some unique identity. Not only will a phone case help you identify your device, a phone case can give you some personality… think of it like a badass leather jacket!